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Contact Us. My Appointment. We provide affordable and charitable patient-centered health care for the wellness of the underserved. More Videos. The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation was founded in and began providing medical care to the poor. Since then, it has evolved its care into an international medical mission. Master Cheng Yen. Garfield Ave. Wilmington Broad Ave. Fresno N.

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Healthy Community Program. Popular Searches.AI Technology. In this world, everyone is family and everywhere the place for spiritual growth. Make good use of time and cherish what we have, treat one another with love, respect, and gratitude.

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Follow Us. Stay in touch. First Name. Last Name. With your help and generosity, we are determined to make the most of it. Join us on March 20 for a live fundraising event that will turn up the volume on our medical mission.

Very Veggie Movement. We are raising awareness about ethical eating and the positive impact it will have on our planet, in every which way. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.To Wang Guoming, breathing freely is a luxury due to a childhood accident.

How has he been coping with the challenges facing him along the way in life? The Power of the Heart. Seeing the uncertainty facing athletes who are discharged because of injuries and indigenous children who live in the mountains, Lisa, once a career planner, came up with an idea. Learn how to make simmered vegetables in less than three minutes with complete recipes and directions! Suffering from spinocerebellar ataxia, Lin Zi-qi can only watch as his body function slowly degenerates.

However, instead of doing nothing or relying on others, he travels around Taiwan to share his story while he still can.

How has he been coping with the challenges facing him along the way in life?. Environmental Protection. The next time you use a plastic bag, think before you throw it away.

Eastern parents have always been known for their strict parenting style, pushing their children for academic accolades or other achievements. However, You Qian-gui, a former psychologist, is here to share a different point of view. Read how volunteers and staffers with Tzu Chi Indonesia have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to bring love and care to the underserved in Indonesia. With the help of experts, Tzu Chi Foundation has developed water purification systems to bring clean water to disaster survivors around the world.

In Pictures. By introducing art and creating installation artworks in a rural town in southern Taiwan, a group of college students have transformed an ordinary village into a beautiful community that both residents and visitors enjoy.

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Tzu Chi volunteers in Beijing, China bring aid to a village in a remote area of Hebei Province in the midst of harsh winter weather. As the villagers are waiting for the distribution to begin, they massage each other to keep themselves warm. Most beautiful are the smiles of those who receive aid in their time of need. A Tzu Chi recycling volunteer in China leans into a garbage bin to salvage recyclables.

Tzu Chi Foundation has overrecycling volunteers in 19 countries around the globe. Affected by psoriasis for 16 years, Luo Yonghua in China finally smiles after a Tzu Chi volunteer gave him a haircut. Luo said that his friends all pretend they don't know him when they see his skin conditions.

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Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, not an infectious disease. Tzu Chi recycling volunteers in Taiwan help recycle boxes for a new model of electricity meters.

As online shopping has become more and more popular, this pile of boxes serves to remind us of how our actions can impact the environment. Children in Sri Lanka make sambol, spring rolls, pizza, etc. All containers are recyclable, and each meal box is completed with a thank-you note and a Jing Si aphorism bookmark. On the first day of a new semester, students of a school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti receive face masks and rice from Tzu Chi volunteers.

Most of the students come from very poor neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince. This girl's sweet smile is the best reward for the volunteers. Children in Sierra Leone smile as they carry home the blankets and multigrain powder they've received from Tzu Chi. Tzu Chi Foundation donated three months' worth of supplies to the church to help others.

This year-old woman in Sierra Leone has five children, one in her arm, one on her thigh, two flanking her, and one with arms crossed over her chest. According to WHO, Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world.Move Close. Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital Presents Case for Vegetarianism A vegetarian lifestyle is not just the latest trend but the best way to have a healthy body and mind.

In the Chinese lun Our Founder. Feeling Young Again [ Master's Teachings ] In recent years, the problem of the aging population truly c Global Activities. Bring Love to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi How many people can you serve from a pot of soup made out of a cup of beans -- a Feature Stories.

Our Volunteers. Shrink Your Ego and Win Love She looked forward to happily-ever-after when she got married, but she was bitte An Expanded Family Headlights lit the ramp as a car left the basement parking lot of the Kaohsiun Tzu Chi Missions. Shih, who had be About Us. The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode. Volunteers Are you prepared to put your kindness into actions and join Tzu Chi in promoting the goodness and beauty of mankind?

Video MORE. Cyclone Idai Disaster Relief Timeline. Statistics Content View Hits : As of Tzu Chi volunteers around the world have mobilized to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic.

They have been providing protective gear and other materials to many places in 0 countries and regions.This is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Asia. Pinatubo eruption. There is good fortune when everyone creates blessings. With coming to an end, the Tzu Chi Foundation looks back at a challenging year, and while it was fraught with difficulties and turmoil, it was al To elevate one's character, one needs to embrace everyone and rejoice in their achievements and admirable qualities.

No matter how knowledgeable a person, is the most important things are to remember one's roots and look after one's character. By observing propriety, one cares of oneself. Only when one cares for oneself is it possible to love others. Good relations with others come from giving selflessly and earning the fondness, trust and admiration of others.

Compare one's material life with those less wealthy; elevate one's moral character to the level of those more virtuous. Humanistic culture is the crystallization of life, the elevation of human character, and the maturation of wisdom. The beauty of people lies in their virtue, it is displayed through their good deeds, good words, and good heart. There is great wealth as one lives a simple life. There is great willpower as one gives selflessly without regrets.

Every peso you donate will make a difference. Just the amount you spend on a cup of coffee will go a long way. Agno St. Fax Number: loc Please call the Tzu Chi office to verify the fax transmission of the deposit slip. Featured Stories A Year in Review With coming to an end, the Tzu Chi Foundation looks back at a challenging year, and while it was fraught with difficulties and turmoil, it was al Strive not to compete with others but to strengthen our resolve.

We need to be firm in our moral ideals and empower them with courage and persistence. To elevates one's character, one does not need power but rather loving care. One becomes virtuous as one learns from giving. Composure is the ability to avoid becoming angry at the insults of others or smug to praise.

One must first engage in self-scrutiny to earn the trust of others. With determination, one will move forward. Without determination, one will fall back.

Ideals should be far-reaching, actions should be practical. Character building starts with trustworthiness. What is manifest on the outside can reveal one's inner character. We only have room for gratitude in our heart, not grievances. To be happy, first make others happy, to be successful, first help others become successful. Determination and great vows are the forces which create happiness in life. Virtue commands respect.

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One should act in moderation and curtail desire. Upholding precepts and discipline is a meritorious practice. When we make great vows and put them into action, we realize our true virtues.

tzu chi foundation taiwan

To covet and take from others is to harm one;s own character.The foundation's work includes medical aid, disaster relief, and environmental work such as recycling.

It is operated by a worldwide network of volunteers and employees and has been awarded a special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The organization began as a group of thirty housewives who saved money for needy families. Tzu Chi gradually expanded its services over time, opening a free medical clinic in and building its first hospital in The organization underwent a rapid expansion in the late s and early s, coinciding with a surge of popularity in Humanistic Buddhism in Taiwan.

In the s the organization started major international disaster relief efforts. Tzu Chi is known for undertaking long-term projects such as building new homes, schools, hospitals, and places of worship including churches and mosques for non-Buddhists for victims following a disaster. As ofthe organization was estimated at over 10 million members worldwide throughout 47 countries.

Tzu Chi has a policy of being secular in its humanitarian work, however Dharma teachings are often integrated into its practices for volunteers. Tzu Chi experienced modest growth in the first two decades of its establishment, it grew to members in and by had just 8, members. With the surge in popularity of Humanistic Buddhism in Taiwan in the late s and s, and the publicity from fundraising to build its first hospital, Tzu Chi enjoyed a rapid expansion in membership alongside several other major Taiwanese Buddhist organizations during this time.

tzu chi foundation taiwan

The foundation achieved much media attention in Taiwan in with a plan to develop a plot of land in Neihu District into a disaster relief center and cultural park which led to the destruction of parts of the Neihu conservation zone. Tzu Chi has grown to become a significant actor in civil society, Tzu Chi is not only the largest Buddhist organization in Taiwan, [25] but also Taiwan's largest owner of private land.

The eight footprints are charity causes, medical contributions, education development, humanities, international disaster assistance, bone-marrow donation, community volunteerism, and environmental protection.

The official website for the organization states that the organization started with Charity, and then extended its aims to include Medicine, Education and Culture. Its stated goal is to promote "sincerity, integrity, trust, and honesty". Tzu Chi is notably distinct from the other Four Great Mountains in respect to three main unique characteristics. First of all, the founder of the organization is a female.

Secondly, the founder is not a Buddhist scholar who promotes a specific interpretation of Buddhism nor started any kind of religious movement. And finally, the organization is officially a charitable organization and Tzu Chi itself focuses primarily on humanitarianism and community service rather than Buddhist spiritual development. Consisting of a ship that also simultaneously bears the lotus fruit and flower, the Tzu Chi logo symbolizes that the world can be made a better place by planting good karmic seeds.

Followers believe that these "seeds" are required for flowers to bloom and bear fruit, or in other words, that a better society can be created with good actions and pure thoughts.

tzu chi foundation taiwan

The ship represents Tzu Chi steering a ship of compassion, representing their goal in saving all beings that suffer, while the Eight Petals represent the Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhismwhich Tzu Chi uses as their guide. The Ten Precepts of Tzu Chi are:. Master Cheng-Yen has stated that she developed these rules based on the new needs of modern society. This effort was inspired in after Cheng Yen noticed a link between poverty and illness after spending six years among the poor of eastern Taiwan.

Tzu Chi's first medical outreach occurred in when a free clinic was opened in Hualien. A bed general hospital had been planned in to service the impoverished eastern coast of Taiwan.Volunteers brought own paraphernalia to help with clean-up besides delivering care and food in rain. Volunteers extended care to flood victims putting up with cold rainy nights at the evacuation centres. Benta, Pahang Worst Flood in 50 Years Volunteers brought own paraphernalia to help with clean-up besides delivering care and food in rain More pictures.

Kuantan, Pahang Volunteers extended care to flood victims putting up with cold rainy nights at the evacuation centres More pictures. Tzu Chi's Relief Actions.

Aid extended to. Last updated: January 13, Tzu Chi's flood relief actions include assisting in cleaning up and distributing relief supplies and cash. Please choose either Charity Fund or International Fund, for aid to be delivered to citizens and non-citizens respectively.

Give Love. Provision of blankets to Pahang flood victims. Rushing to extend care and aid to Pahang flood victims. Provision of emergency aid to a nursing home in Skudai. Delivering aid to flood victims in Johor Bahru. Follow us on social media.